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"Der Investor" by Die Goldenen Zitronen.

Directed by Ted Gaier, Katharina Duve & Timo Schierhorn.


Hey Kathleen, let’s meet down on the street and start a riot. Let’s smash someting. Let’s begin with: patriarchy. Let’s start: right now.

Artwork for a concert night with local heroes IRA and Aspen from Cologne.

Artwork for a concert night with local heroes IRA and Aspen from Cologne.


Almut Klotz died earlier this week. I am sad.

Almut was one of my personal heros. Together with Christiane Rösinger and Funny van Dannen she founded the fantastic band “Lassie Singers”, which was surely one of the most important bands of my teenage years and I still listen to them a lot. After their split-up, Almut and Christiane ran a label called Flittchen-Records and founded the “Pop-Chor Berlin”.
Together with her husband Chris Dabeler she released music as Klotz + Dabeler and wrote a novel called “Aus dem Leben des Manuel Zorn”.

Almut was a fantastic artist, an inspiring person and a definite rolemodel for all of us grrrls, queers, slackers and outsiders. She spoke up against sexism. And  against mainstream-culture. She was sometimes melancholy. She was really funny. And she was so damn cool. 

Discovering the music of Almut and Christiane was pretty empowering for me as a teenage kid in rural southern Germany. Being different felt better and I used a lot of their lyrics as paroles in my everyday life. I still use them today. They still fit. Because difference still matters.

Almut died earlier this week.
I am sad.


klotz + dabeler - menschen an sich.
music: klotz + dabeler
album: menschen an sich 
video: oliver koop

c+p whatssofunnyabout/ZickZack/Oliver Koop hh 2007


Kim killing it.

Le Tigre

Le Tigre


Z is for Zebra

While digging for some records to play at next week’s ZEBRA-Party, I spontaneously decided to record a short mix, which features a couple of new tracks, an old time favorite and some serious secret weapons.

I’m gonna play together with my dear friend Tomoko (indeed, this is our very first time playing together) and I’m very looking forward to. We know each other for so many years now and we danced so many nights (and days!) together - now I’m curious how we’ll fit as a DJ-Team. 

ZEBRA is a local arthouse-cinema and currently they’re organizing a big fundraising campaign for their DCI-project. Click here for some further information and donate if you’re interested in supporting independent cultural work.
The party takes place on Wednesday 26th of June at Kantine KN.
If you’re in Constance - drop by & say hi. 


Shadow of a doubt

Shadow of a doubt by Sonic Youth has always been one of my favorite songs. It’s featured on SY’s third record, called EVOL, released in 1986.
It’s a fantastic record and sure one of Sonic Youth’s best releases (indeed - together with GOO - it’s the SY record I listened to the most).

I love this song for it’s lyrics and it’s gloomy and blurry atmosphere. I love Kim Gordon’s voice. I like the way the guitar sounds and I also love the video showing Kim on the top of a train. 

A couple of days ago I stumbled upon a radioshow where Johnny Jewel of Glass Candy/Chromatics-fame is talking about music and playing some records. At the end of the session he’s playing a coverversion of this song by Farah, who’s surely one of the most interesting acts on the Italians do it better label and a favorite of mine ever since i heard Law of life for the first time.

It’s a nice version and a “true Farah”. It’s stripped down to the bone, it’s repetitive and hypnotic. Farah once described her vision of music as “dark disco” and I think this matches her style perfectly.

Here’s the whole show, the track by Farah starts at around 36.45. I recommend listening to the full show because all of the songs are great and the soft and friendly voice of Johnny Jewel is quite a delight.

And here’s the video of the original version by Sonic Youth.

Starting Saturday with Sorrythankyou by The Unbelievable Truth. What a great record!

Starting Saturday with Sorrythankyou by The Unbelievable Truth. What a great record!


I’m happy.
Hope you’re happy too.

Great coverversion of Ashes To Ashes (David Bowie) by 206. I met 206 about 2 years ago when they were playing a show in Constance. 

It was a great show. Surely one of the best shows I’ve ever seen in this town.

206 is a fantastic band and Timm Voelker, their singer, is an angry young man with a great voice. I listen to their debut “Republik der Heiserkeit” quite a lot.