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Synthies, Grrrrls

I’m really looking forward to hosting the second issue of a new party at local club Kantine. This time, it’s about electronic pop music with a special focus on synthesizers. I invited the Vimes from Cologne. Regular readers already know them, as I wrote about them here and here. They got mentioned in a text by Wyndham Wallace titled German music now: From Berghain to Mannheim published in the Guardian recently and I’m really curious about their show. All you people and friends from Constance: I’d love to see you there. Doors open at 10:30, there will be a DJ-Set by Julian, then the Vimes-Show and then a DJ-Set by me afterwards.


Beautiful Vimes… again.

New song by great Vimes from Cologne. It’s an interpretation of the Moroder/Berlin-track “Take my breath away”. F., the sister of Vimes-member Julian promoted it via facebook as the gayest possible thing (in German: Schwulheitsgrad in %: eine Fantastilliarde).

It’s a beautiful piece of music by a beautiful band.