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Something new

I’m working on a new website right now, which will be launched in a couple of days. I’ll let you updated.


Olympische Charta und Anti-Homo-Gesetz: Google-Doodle-Wissen


"Der Investor" by Die Goldenen Zitronen.

Directed by Ted Gaier, Katharina Duve & Timo Schierhorn.



Everything in the world is about sex except sex. It’s about power.

(Oscar Wilde).


"When those who have the power to name and to socially construct reality choose not to see your or hear you…when someone with the authority of a teacher, say, describes the world and you are not in it, there is a moment of psychic disequilibrium, as if you looked in the mirror and saw nothing. It takes some strength of soul—and not just individual strength but collective understanding—to resist this void, this non-being, into which you are thrust, and to stand up, demanding to be seen and heard"

- Adrienne Rich  (via homosensuous)

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"Candy says: I’ve come to hate my bodyand all that it requires in this world.”(The Velvet Underground: Candy says)Lou, Candy, Peter: you gave me strength and images to build my own small world upon. Thank you and good bye.Peter Hujar: “Candy Darling on her deathbed”, 1973.

"Candy says: I’ve come to hate my body
and all that it requires in this world.”

(The Velvet Underground: Candy says)

Lou, Candy, Peter: you gave me strength and images to build my own small world upon. Thank you and good bye.

Peter Hujar: “Candy Darling on her deathbed”, 1973.


Hey Kathleen, let’s meet down on the street and start a riot. Let’s smash someting. Let’s begin with: patriarchy. Let’s start: right now.


"Nobody should accept one standard way of saying things, but I want this to be clear too, that at the same time you can’t have endless varieties of people naming themselves, we do live in a world of categories. Some of those categories have contemporary currency and some don’t. So what butch meant to me in the 1990s is not what butch means now to people. But you can’t just come up with your own name and expect everyone to know what it means, we live with language and the restrictions that language gives us. Some of those restrictions are around intelligibility and legibility. If I call myself a blanket, you know, “I don’t have a gender, so I’m saying blank, then adding et.” Well okay, interesting, but you can’t go around in the world saying, “I’m a blanket,” and expect anyone to know what you mean. They don’t. In fact, terms need communities of users in order to give them validity. Transgender became a term because it explains something that was missing from this medical classification of cross identified bodies, and there was a community of people who wanted to use the term. But each and every person’s own understanding of self doesn’t deserve a name. We also have to group, we have to come up with shorthand and terms that we share and ways of thinking about ourselves in relationship to others. Unfortunately we live in an age where everyone thinks they’re different, that their genders are so unique it can’t be expressed through common language. Well, it’s probably not that unique, when you really question that person you find out that it’s a run of the mill variation on something known."


Jack Halberstam - Queers Create Better Models of Success

okay, so this is from an old interview, and not everyone loves Halberstam, but I came across this yesterday and it was just, like, yes, yes, yes, because know your history. because every single sparkly gender or sexual identity is not actually that special, as it turns out, and I’ve been thinking about this a lot - especially thinking about why historic ways of identifying matter, and how that’s shaped my understanding of myself and also what LGBT/queer identity means in general. anyway the rest of the interview is alright.

(for the purposes of sourcing, I was looking thru the pages of saltmarshhag’s blog that are available on the waybackmachine yesterday, because I was feeling really nostalgic about her. funny [not funny] how some of the smartest people I know get run off tumblr. it happens all the time.)

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Flyer for a partynight in October, featuring the awesome Daniel Wang. So looking forward to it